ALKI COVES  1,2,3  ~

Parking:  This site has street parking as well as a small lot.   If the sun is out, it is limited but people come and go often so you should be able to find a spot depending on the time of day.   


Bathrooms:  There are public bathrooms at this site - a short walk away.

Entry:  A few steps and then rocky beach - maybe a log or two depending on the what has washed ashore this week.    

What will I see?  This is a mostly sandy bottom with a gentle slope to some pilings and other bits and pieces of sunken boats.  This is a great place to see Giant Pacific Octopus if you look under the things on the bottom.  You can often see the fanning their eggs if you're lucky.  

Things you should know:   This site is not current sensitive so you can dive it anytime.  There is a foot ferry dock here so stay outside of the marked boundaries to be safe above and below the surface.  Cove 2 is very popular for classes and is often very busy with eager new divers.   This area is also called Seacrest Cove 1, 2, 3.

Food:  There is a small restaurant right here in the parking lot or quite a few more if you head down around Alki point. 


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