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Alki Junkyard

Parking:  This site has street parking but is very limited in the summertime or anytime the sun is shining- definitely a carpooling site unless you don't mind dropping your gear and parking your car a couple blocks away.  


Bathrooms:  There are public bathrooms at this site - a short walk away.

Entry:  There are several sets of stairs for entry into the water.   

What will I see?  This site is called the junkyard for obvious reasons - lots of stuff has been dumped to create artificial reefs.   Check the photos below to see what awaits you below.  All of these photos were taken over the years at Alki Junkyard.  * This is the only Puget Sound dive site that we have seen Giant Sea Spiders

Things you should know:   This site is very current sensitive - please check and double check your tide charts.  In the summertime there is often boat traffic and sometimes they come a little closer to shore than they are supposed to - be aware.   Straight out from the beach you will find a large bed of eelgrass - a great place to find crabs and some nudibranchs - a certain time of year the grass is covered with Hooded Nudibranchs of all sizes.  Heading beyond the sea grass will be sloping sand down until you find a rope running along the slant with tires and random junk littering the sand, this rope runs parallel to the beach for awhile and if you follow it you will find all kinds of creatures living in the junk.

Food:  There are lots of different restaurants along Alki for food afterwards - my favorite is Sunfish!  If you're a coffee lover - Starbucks is in walking distance!

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