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I've never been to South Carolina!

My son graduated from boot camp in the US Army today. What an emotional amazing day watching all the men and women stand before their loved ones and pledge their allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. Our schools don't do that anymore - it seems we are protecting some rights and taking others away. Doesn't make sense to me... but that's not why we're here.

When I planned my adventure East, I was nervous to be going alone but excited that I was able to pull the funds together to be there for this historic day. I booked my flight and reserved my hotel room. I'd only be there just over 24 hours so it was key to make sure everything was secured for the adventure. I wouldn't be flying home afterwards, I'd have to fly to California to meet up with my group to head for a 5 day dive trip to the Channel Islands.

48 hours before departure I received an email regarding my hotel reservation. Somehow I'd managed to reserve the wrong night. Panic! What do I do now? They DID have a room for the night that I needed but they wouldn't let me transfer the credit from the night that I didn't need. You read that right. They don't offer a credit after the 48 hour period. It's not coincidence that they email you once it's too late to change your reservation. Goodbye $119.00. "Do you wanna go ahead and make a new reservation for the night you need?" I had to take a deep breath and pause for a second. "No thank you. And since you're making me pay for a night that I don't need, I'd like to keep my reservation for the room." "But ma'am, you've stated that you're not going to be here, why keep the reservation?" "Because I'm paying for it! Why should you get to keep my money and then rent the room to someone else and get their money too???" Shouldn't that be illegal? How is this even possible to do to someone?

Fortunately, I found a hotel with a room for the night that I needed and after hearing my story about the unnamed hotel, they offered me a reduced rate. Big love to EXTENDED STAY AMERICA - Ft Jackson, Columbia for giving me my faith back that everyone is not out to get me.

Graduation happened and it was on to the next adventure! I spend the next morning wandering the base with my son, checked out the museum, got a few more hugs in and then it was off to the airport for the next one!

I had a few hours to spare and found myself heading down an unknown back road towards Congaree National Park! Many deer darted out across the road in front of me - I stopped to help a North Carolina Eastern Box Turtle out of harms way, and some of the strangest bird sounds filled the air. I snapped some pictures and wished I had more time to keep going. It was time to get back to the airport and keep going - adventure awaits!

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