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Daydreaming of adventures past...

Covid has really slowed down and changed the adventure realm in the world. At first we were completely locked down and the adventure was in the trip to the grocery store to discover empty shelves and feel the anxiety growing in your chest - not over the new sighting around the bend - but in trying to figure out what to feed your family this month if this continues.

As things relaxed a little and we were able to worry a bit less over the food situation and the toilet paper situation - was that really a thing?? Now people are heading out to their local backyards to hike and camp and get outside in nature to satisfy the craving to do something - other than work and wonder if this will ever go back to normal.

I don't want to think about "normal" today - so I think I will throw this little video up here for you to watch while I daydream about adventures past -

Someday I will get to go back to the Galapagos Islands - I know there is more adventure waiting for me out there!

Where are you adventuring locally to keep yourself moving and breathing that fresh air?

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