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Ecuador or bust!

When you're heading somewhere you've never been before you fill you mind with ideas and thoughts, hopes and dreams of what could be. This is my first trip to Ecuador so I have no expectations, yet so many expectations!

We were quickly retrieved from the airport and made our way through tiny streets full of people to our awaiting rooms at City Art Silberstein in Quito. Our rooms were quaint and comfortable and we all quickly felt at home. Since we were all arriving at different times, we settled in for a rest before the next day of adventure about the city of Quito.


  • Quito's official name is San Francisco de Quito

  • Quito is surrounded by eight volcanoes, two which are still active

  • Quito is the second most populated city in Ecuador - roughly 2 million

We all woke up and shared a breakfast of fresh fruits and fresh baked goods, many of us were struggling with altitude sickness as we weren't used to life around 9,000 feet. Even though we were feeling a little off, we still headed out for a day of exploring the equator - both of them.


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