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Educational Outreach in Galapagos

In 1994 a group of Galapagos residents, convinced that improved education was a prerequisite to a more sustainable Galapagos, established the Tomás de Berlanga School on Santa Cruz Island. In doing so, they sought to launch a new educational model that could serve as a showcase of best practices and as a future training ground for educators from other schools on the Islands. Since that time, the School has grown to 180 students from pre K through 12th grade and has begun to share its approach with other schools on the Islands. The educational philosophy of the school combines the pillars of critical thinking, bilingualism (English-Spanish), high academic standards, and experiential learning, with the values of respect, responsibility, tolerance and solidarity. Another important aspect of the school is its physical setting which immerses students in nature. A need-based scholarship program, funded by private donors, makes the Tomás de Berlanga education available to students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Currently about 30% of its students would be unable to attend the school without this financial support. In June, Amphibian Adventures is heading back to Santa Cruz Island and we want to bring books for the students at Tomás de Berlanga School. If everyone gave $1 - we could fill a couple suitcases full of books for these kids! We'd love to have your support!


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