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Galapagos - FUN FACTS

* The Galapagos islands are an archipelago (that's a fun word) made up of 20 islands, 42 islets and over 250 rocks

* Lots of Boobies to see! Red-footed, blue-footed and the Nazca boobies inhabit the islands.

* Even though, nowadays is restricted to move to the islands. Galapagos’ total population is more than 25,000 people; the majority live in Santa Cruz.

* Galapagos is the only place in the northern hemisphere where you can see penguins!

* Darwin noted that tortoises were similar to the ones in other continents, but they had different variations and it was possible to distinguish from which island each tortoise came depending on the shape of their shell.

* Galapagos is the only place in the world that you can see marine iguanas!