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Geneverse - power to stay out longer

We seem to spend alot of time outside. A few times we've run into issues of wanting to stay out longer and having to decide if we have the "energy" to do so. We have a refrigerator that keeps all our food cold and it needs external power - unless we let it run off the Jeep 24 /7 and you can imagine how we don't really want to do that.

There are alot of external power options out there - and after much research we chose the Geneverse to keep us outside longer. We've used it

in multiple places and it never skips a beat!

We pulled it out on a trip to Moab while we took a lunch break in the sunshine and took the opportunity to use the solar to charge it up! We left the fridge in the jeep to juice up the Geneverse!

Here is what the set up looks like in camp plugged in for the fridge - as well as my watch and cell phones throughout the day.

We have found that it is a shared charging station for everyone that is along for the adventure!