Having a Bad Day, and Making a Better Tomorrow.

Does anyone else struggle with staying positive on a daily basis? The smallest thing can be hard to handle when you suffer from negativity. The harsh reality is that negativity is literally all around us. Everywhere you look, whether that be in real life or on television, or social media, negativity surrounds us. The truth is, We all have bad days. This is a given. But it’s how to deal with ourselves when this happens that can challenging. I've been having an incredibly few hard days lately, I have no motivation, no "oomph" for life right now, and here is how I am (slowly) dealing with it.

When I’m having a tough time mentally, my criticism and self doubt goes through the roof. It’s like nothing can control it. So whether you’re experiencing grief, or any other challenge in your life right now, this post is for you.

I'm literally sitting here because I have forced myself to get out of my bed and write about something, anything, to pressure myself to get out of this slump. Why not write about the slump itself? So what's my secret? What's the mysterious answer to these feelings we ALL have as humans?

I can tell you that it is easy. You only have to decide to change your mindset in a more positive way and you are already half way there.


What does your daily life look like? Are you following the same schedule day in- day out to the point where it is comfortably repetitive? I've been there. Heck, I am here, especially in the Quarantine situation we are all experiencing together. I wake up,

-I drink one cup of Starbucks black cold brew coffee with white chocolate creamer

-I make breakfast for my kids.

-I sit on the couch and scroll through all forms of social media to see what I "missed" while I was asleep.

-We spend time together around the house

-11AM Lunch

-12PM Nap

-3PM my fiance gets home from work and I am preparing for the rest of the night, which usually consists of the same exact things I've been doing all day already.

Wow, typing that out made it all the more depressing. This may look similar to a lot of other people's daily routines, especially if you are a mom to little ones. What is stopping us from reaching out and trying something new every day so they don't all mesh together? What is stopping you?

Instead of just existing, find something daily to challenge yourself. Push your limits. Whether that be getting your elephant-sized pile of laundry put away, or doing an at-home workout you've been eyeing for the last month. Try a new food. Go on a hike. Step. Outside.

Give yourself an excuse to live, and not just exist. This is step one of getting out of your funk.


Instead of:

I am not worthy.

I am lazy.

Everything is so hard.

I am not beautiful.

Try: I am brave.

I am kind.

I am worthy.

I have a purpose.


This is probably the hardest concept for me personally to grasp. Growing up I was surrounded by opinions and statements from other people (in my life, and irrelevant to my life) about not being "good" enough, pretty enough, rich enough. These comments transformed my life into the way I think and process things now. I find myself hesitant to put on a pair of shorts in 100 degree weather because of something someone said 12 years ago about my legs jiggling too much.

How absolutely ridiculous is that? We form our opinions about our OWN selves, unique in our OWN ways, based off of what other people think of us? So you know what I had to learn to do? Completely rid myself of Julia Hoss's middle school opinion on my "too jiggly" legs and wear the freakin shorts! Cause it's hot! And my body is beautiful because my body is capable of so many things, my legs jiggling doesn't change that fact.

Your fear of other's rejection cannot stop you from living your life. Love yourself.

Everything we say, they listen. We need to spread positive thoughts about ourselves in front of them, so they learn to love themselves correctly too.


You get what you give. As simple as that. It is the law of this life, you will only fool yourself if you try to outflank this law. If you give more positivity, you get more positive things in life, if you give more cruelty and madness, you get the same kind of circumstances and situations in life.

I cannot admire enough our possibilities and power. We just have to use them carefully. You attract what you give out.  If you want love in your life, give more love to yourself and others.

If you want to be surrounded by kindness, be more kind.  If you want to be more happy, think happier thoughts.  Your state of mind creates your reality.  So if you are in a higher, happier state of mind, your reality will reflect that.


Look around you.

Are your basic survival needs met?

Do you have water, food, warm clothes and a safe place to sleep?

Are you breathing?

Is your body functioning?

Can you now see the abundance all around you? 

There are so many people in life that doesn’t have basic survival needs, they have body disabilities, but they may have a positive mindset. Your biggest gift is that you can master a positive mindset too.

You have everything you need to be happy and fulfilled in life. For whatever you think you don’t have enough of in your life, instead of focusing on how much more of it you need, shift your focus to appreciating the little bit of it that you DO have.

Give all your love, attention, and appreciation for every single thing and experience in life. This mindset alone will cause a shift in your life to making you feel more abundant, and then – start having more abundance.

Don’t settle for ANYTHING in life. Always do what makes YOU happy.

I hope this helps to motivate you to live your life instead of just existing. When it comes to making yourself happy it all starts with YOU. Make choices that will bring you happiness. Always keep a positive mindset, and believe you are capable of living a life you deserve.

Until Next Time,

Adventure Awaits!


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