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SEA Landing - Truth Aquatics - dive trip

If you are interested in diving in California, this is the charter to sign up for! This will be our third year back with Truth Aquatics and we are just as excited as if it were our first time!

This is how scuba adventures should be done! These guys built their boats to compliment the diver. The crews are always helpful and friendly, too. Top it all off with some amazing diving off the California coast and it's likely you'll want to come back every year too!

The boats are loaded at the SEA Landing in Santa Barbara. Its an easy 10 miles from the Santa Barbara airport if you're flying in. You can easily catch a cab, or try Uber.

If you're driving, you'll park in the marina parking lot all the way at the end by the SEA Landing dock. Ask for a pass to put on the dash of your car in the Dive Shop on the dock so you'll get a reduced daily rate on your way out!

Our charter doesn't usually load until late in the evening, so its very nice that there are so many restaurants and shopping opportunities in walking distance from the marina. There's even a liquor store a few blocks away so you can bring some adult beverages along for the ride, too.

I posted a suggested packing list, if you didn't see it, you can check it out - CLICK HERE...

If you're interested in joining our charter - CLICK HERE

If you want on the waiting list to join us back for August 2017 - CLICK HERE


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