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So many trees down - we can't go anywhere!

We survived the first week of the new year - yes I'm being dramatic - all is well. We decided we should go play in the snow again. This time we headed to our usual adventure forest service roads but we were in for a surprise. TREES - there are trees down everywhere. We had a bit of a warm up and it rained and the snow melted and the trees fell. We couldn't get up our usual road - the power company was out clearing the trees so they could pick the power line up off the road and restore power to the area.

We headed off in search of another road to explore. It seemed like every road we picked led to more trees down. We found a road that bordered an air strip - snowed over of course - and a campground. There were actually people there camping. In the snow. In a tent on the ground. I'm cold thinking about it again.

We spent the day up and down the roads - mostly stopped short by downed trees. We spotted deer, elk, rabbit and cougar tracks! It was a great day of 4 wheeling in the snow and enjoying the beautiful snow and the sunshine! What a beautiful part of the world we live in.

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