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Tropical Trip Packing 101


* Average Max. temperature: 79°F

* Average temperature: 70°F

* Sea temp.: 76°F


* Reef friendly SPF Sunscreen - alba Botanica makes an SPF 50 product in several different options; Coconut, Cool Sport & Fragrance Free for Sensitive Skin There is sunscreen on the islands, but it is EXPENSIVE. It's better to bring too much - you can always use it later.

* Bathing Suit

* Water shoes of some sort - there are beaches, but there are also lava rock paths and you'll want something with a strap and a hard bottom so you don't slide out of your flip flop or twist an ankle.

* Dry bag - there is a place to stow your things while on the dive boat, if you're bringing things you want to stay dry, it's always best to bring a small dry bag.

* Travel towel

* Shorts / Skorts / Skirts - whatever you're comfortable in!

* T-shirts / Tank Tops

* Light weight rain jacket - for our volcano hike!

* Sun hat - keep that sun off your face!

* Sun glasses - protect your eyeballs!

* Tennis / hiking shoes - While on Isabela Island we are hiking a volcano and the path is wet and muddy in some spots - you'll want a good pair of shoes for this hike - at some point we'll reach lava rock and you'll really be happy you're wearing good shoes!

* Shampoo / conditioner

* Big zip lock bag - (or two) to contain anything that didn't completely dry out for the trip home. No one likes stinky, wet luggage.

* Dramamine - if you get motion sick at all, you'll want to bring some as we have a lot of boat rides on this adventure!

This is a basic list - we will be diving 6 days and adventuring 6 days so plan accordingly!


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