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Welcome 2022 - Winter adventures

Updated: Feb 9

I spent the last two years working two jobs - for the most part - 7 days a week. I was able to work remotely some of the time and spend time with family that I wouldn't have been able to otherwise - but still had daily work duties to tend to - so never actually had a whole day off in two years.... why? what did I learn? most importantly - was it worth it?

Not worth it - not one bit! Here's to one job - more me & less work. Enough boring talk - let's get outside!

We had snow for the holidays - some of us had more than others - but several inches - enough to create chaos in a town with a poor snow management strategy & drivers with little to no experience driving in the snow & ice. I grew up with snow my whole life & spent a lot of time driving in it. I'm not too worried about my abilities - it is everyone else that worries me. Anyway - we headed to the mountains to do a little "snow wheelin".

I enjoy the beauty of the landscape covered in snow & the excitement of it all - not so excited when we start climbing in altitude & one side of the road drops off hundreds of feet. Nonetheless - we reached a great viewpoint & we all got out to enjoy the view. We determined we should go ahead and head back down to stay safely on the road.

We played a bit longer & adventured down some more Forest Service Roads that were less altitude climbers. All in all - we had a great day - arriving home just at dark.

Please enjoy the pics below & I hope your first day of the new year was as fun as ours!

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