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Shark fishermen - Friend or Foe?

As an ocean lover and advocate - it's easy to have anger and frustration towards the people that are out there every day killing the sharks. Mindlessly cutting off the fins and casting the still alive sharks back into the water. Not considering the life that is drifting to the bottom, unable to swim, slowly suffocating...

How can they do this? Many of them are doing this legally... while many of them are doing this illegally. As long as people eat shark fin soup and other products made from these fins, the sharks will continue to die. Are we to continue to sit idly while our entire ocean ecosystem is wiped out? Are we helpless to just wait for the sharks to become extinct? It's not just sharks - its rays and turtles and eels - oh my!

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Sharks are at the top of the food chain - if this top predator ceases to exist the entire pyramid goes awry. It is estimated that we are killing 100 million sharks a year.

What if we befriended the fishermen and found out that this is how they feed their families? They aren't trying to kill all the sharks; they are doing what they must to stay alive. What if we could change that? That is exactly what Project Hiu has set out to do...

You can support Project Hiu by becoming one of the tourists - or there are a few products for sale to support them as well. CLICK HERE!

I just received my mask strap and can't wait to use it and show my support!

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