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Abiqua Falls - Oregon's Hidden Gem

I never realized the joy I found in waterfalls until I moved to Oregon. I was under the impression that most of Oregon's waterfalls are off of the Historic Columbia Gorge, I was wrong. This hidden gem is 2 hours away, in the middle of nowhere, and completely and absolutely breathtaking. If you plan on visiting Oregon for a short vacation, I 100% recommend doing this hike. The view is worth it.

It wasn't hard to convince a couple of my friends to go with me, so we set out to find this hidden gem. The directions online are a little confusing. After researching the hike for what seemed like hours, I entered the hike name into my "AllTrails" app and it gave me directions based on actual coordinates of the hike, not the address. NOTE: The address to this hike will take you 1.5 hours in the opposite direction of the hike! Please use AllTrails coordinates to get you there! I already made the mistake for you -

Download the AllTrails app here -

There is a 97% chance you will lose service about 15 minutes away, so take screenshots if necessary and ask pedestrians for help!

Problem #2, the ROAD to the trail-head is treacherous. Please use caution when driving this, and if you don't have a lifted vehicle/truck/subaru, I strongly advise you to go as far down the hill as possible, park, and walk the rest of the way. We ended up parking my Dodge Caliber about 2 miles away from the actual trailhead. Bring lots of water, this walk can get very hot in the summer!

Once you park, walk about 100 feet back along the road and you'll see a sign for the trail through the trees. Then you'll have to hike a half-mile down a very steep hill to the creek and to the falls. Luckily near the end, theres a rope you can use to guide yourself down the hill - it wasn't too muddy when we went, but I have been a few times where it was a slippery mess during the rainy season.

As you bask under the lush canopies of vibrantly colored trees thinking it can’t possibly get more beautiful, you turn a corner, and there it is.

Several small but beautiful waterfalls rush over mossy rocks, leading you to their origin. A powerful scene, with Abiqua Falls draping itself firmly over the orange and brown cathedral-like rock wall in a 92 foot veil of white water.

Take the hike! You will not be disappointed. Abiqua truly is a hidden gem, not many know of this hike which means the trails won't be as populated as other hikes like Multnomah Falls, etc. I have been all throughout the year, but I definitely recommend going anytime from March-July. The closer you get to summer, the more tourist activity.

I cannot wait to visit this treasure again!

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