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Abiqua Falls - Oregon's Hidden Gem

I never realized the joy I found in waterfalls until I moved to Oregon. I was under the impression that most of Oregon's waterfalls are off of the Historic Columbia Gorge, I was wrong. This hidden gem is 2 hours away, in the middle of nowhere, and completely and absolutely breathtaking. If you plan on visiting Oregon for a short vacation, I 100% recommend doing this hike. The view is worth it.

It wasn't hard to convince a couple of my friends to go with me, so we set out to find this hidden gem. The directions online are a little confusing. After researching the hike for what seemed like hours, I entered the hike name into my "AllTrails" app and it gave me directions based on actual coordinates of the hike, not the address. NOTE: The address to this hike will take you 1.5 hours in the opposite direction of the hike! Please use AllTrails coordinates to get you there! I already made the mistake for you -

Download the AllTrails app here -

There is a 97% chance you will lose service about 15 minutes away, so take screenshots if necessary and ask pedestrians for help!