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PNW is full of adventure!

Let's face it - we live in a beautiful place here in the PNW - sure we have a lot of rain - but there is so much more. We can literally go hiking, camping, swimming, sailing, scuba diving and SO MUCH MORE - right in our own backyards!

I am typing now from a camp we have deemed "Top of the World". By "we" I mean my regular camping buddies. We name spots randomly and that is how we commit them to memory and refer to them forever. As you can imagine from the name of this spot - we are up pretty high - 2360.6 feet according to my Altimeter app on my phone. It is the top ridge of a clear cut with a 360 degree view of the Olympic National Forest. My chair is facing north east I think (I'm a much better navigator underwater) and my view is of the Hood Canal and off in the distance you can barely make out Mt Rainier.

I can also see some other spots that we have named - Bald Mountain - you guessed it - a mountain that is bald from being totally clear cut. Not pretty to look at - but has several camping spots that people camp on. Not my cup of tea - there are few trees and you are totally exposed to the world and its wind, rain and scorching sunshine. Every time we see people up there we wonder if they like it? I mean they must, right?

Another spot we can see from here is - End of the Road - It is a ridge line road that ends at a forest line of dense trees. From here it looks to be about the same height as where I sit now - perhaps even a bit higher. I'll post from there one of these days and show you the view from there.

AWKWARD REALIZATION - I know I was complaining about bald mountain being so exposed - and here I sit in exactly the same situation. Few trees and totally exposed to the elements, bugs and the scorching sunshine. Now I feel stupid. Thank you for coming along with me on that journey of realization. LOL. I don't prefer this kind of camping - I prefer being in the trees with shade and protection from the elements. But the view from up here is absolutely amazing so here we are.

Over by End of the Road is a camping spot that we LOVE. We named it - Epic Camping Spot - and it is. It has an amazing view of the Hood Canal and has amazing sunrises that will knock your socks off. It is not on a section that has been clear cut so we shade and trees and bushes and its my favorite spot - if you didn't pick up on that. We are hoping to go there next weekend with our regular camping buddies. This summer life has been busy and we haven't seen much of them. Super excited and hoping it all pulls together.

It's time to get dinner going - Cowboy Chili on the menu - and some cornbread. If you are looking for campground recipes - CLICK HERE

If you are out in the wilderness often and wishing you had an oven to cook with - you can spend money on a big camp oven that will take up a bunch of space - or you can get The OMNIA Stove - omg - you can thank me later!


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