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Dancing with Death - Book Review

United Kingdom – Jean-Philippe Soulé is one of only two people known to have lived among the Mentawai, an indigenous clan of hunter-gatherers who are considered to be one of the most traditional cultures still thriving on earth. During this time, Soulé became acutely aware of their plight, lack of representation in the west and the lack of support offered to preserve their culture and the cultures of other indigenous populations.

Soulé never forgot his time with the clan and, between 1998 and 2001 put his life on hold to paddle 3,000 miles from California to Panama as part of the two-man ‘CASKE2000’ expedition, tasked with raising awareness of indigenous cultural preservation.

In his new memoir, ‘DANCING WITH DEATH: An Epic and Inspiring Travel Adventure’, Soulé recounts that life-changing journey, the NGO it inspired, and how the organization’s demise has ignited a fresh fire in his commitment to preserve these cultures before they are lost forever.


Two men, three years, seven countries, 3000 miles…

The Central American Sea Kayak Expedition 2000 (CASKE2000) is an inspiring journey of exploration, endurance, and self-discovery that takes Jean-Philippe Soulé and his traveling partner Luke Shullenberger from Baja California all the way to Panama.